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IVS provides many services for MSU faculty teaching credit courses including interactive videoconference facilities and operation, podcast production and publishing, and the creation of digital content for distance learning courses.

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Production Planning

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Pre-production planning is the key to the creation of a successful project. IVS Multi-Media Producers can meet with faculty interested in exploring options and discussing the steps involved in preparing for the production process. IVS staff can help faculty organize topics, create an outline, determine a structure, choose a format and create a script if needed. The first step is a one on one meeting to discuss goals and a timeline. Contact IVS to arrange a tour of our facilities and a one on one meeting with staff.

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Interactive Videoconferencing

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IVS provides fully equipped interactive videoconference facilities for faculty teaching credit courses at MSU. These innovative facilities are equipped with professional video, audio and lighting equipment. The facility is staffed and operated by a knowledgeable staff so faculty can concentrate on instruction. Equipment is compatible with many current systems at other institutions and can often connect using IP for high quality video and audio interaction. The first step is to arrange a tour in one of the IVS facilities and discover the first steps to connecting to other parts of the state, the nation and the world.

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IVS provides full service support for faculty interested in exploring podcasting services at MSU. In late 2005, IVS staff created the original podcasting experiments at MSU, and then recruited a variety of units to form The MSU Podcasting Project. The project continues to grow and offer faculty advice and facilities to produce course content for distribution via podcasting. Staff can advise on all steps related to podcast production including planning, production, post-production, publishing and support. Arrange a tour to learn more about the variety of production options and formats available for faculty at MSU.

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IVS maintains a variety of multi-media facilities outfitted with professional video and audio equipment. Rooms are operated by knowledgeable staff that assist faculty in the production of quality content. Facilities include a variety of digital tools for production, editing, and interactive videoconferencing. Rooms vary in size, the smallest room suitable for 1-12 people, medium size rooms for 13 – 39 and a large auditorium that can accommodate up to 90 people.

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Production & Recording Services

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IVS provides facilities and staff to capture high quality video and audio recording in a variety of settings. A variety of finished formats are available including digital media files mp3, mp4, .mov, DVD, and flash. Learn more about the best option for you by meeting with an IVS Multi-Media Producer.

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Faculty Support

IVS staff specializes in the planning and production of course related media for faculty. The IVS staff has decades of experience in the creation of course content for distribution using a variety of media formats. Staff can offer faculty advice on a variety of options for planning, production and distribution of content. All faculty members are welcome to meet with staff to discuss ideas, regardless of previous experience.

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Idea Center

Staff idea session

We are surrounded by ideas everyday. People dream about or generate ideas to reduce difficult tasks, to save time, to add comfort, and to solve problems. But how do we capture these abstract ideas, cultivate them and turn them into a tangible product, a useable system or an improved process? The Idea Center uses proven brainstorming techniques to address and generate fresh alternatives.

The Idea Center staff and students...

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Satellite Services from MSU Broadcasting Services use high quality transmission and reception systems for a variety of audio and video applications. All major networks and cable services have used these facilities, and they are regularly used for distribution of WKAR-produced programs to other PBS stations. They are also used to distribute programming through the LearnNet system, a network of satellite receivers covering all Michigan counties, coordinated by MSU's Extension office.

Broadcasting Services provides satellite reception of interactive teleconference programs for campus and off-campus groups and organizations. For these programs, interactive rooms in various campus locations permit viewing on TV sets or large video screens; participants use telephones in the rooms to ask questions or share comments with the teleconference presenters.

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